We offer a unrivalled research and development program for a diverse range of products from conception to production. Some of our recent projects include:


The the development of a novel non-contact optical industrial effluent monitor, utilising the high intensity Lumiled light emitting diodes and the digital signal processing capabilities of the PIC microprocessor.


Particle size counting software using digital signal processing of live video images to analise the distribution of particle sizes. Various analysis can be specified, particle area, maximum dimension, aspect ratio etc.


A device for the data-logging of environmental parameters and display device running from batteries for many months.

A secure radio controlled explosive bolt firing mechanism controlling a number of individual systems from a single handheld transmitter.

Universal sensor translation hardware/software, providing real time modification of sensor signals for the automotive industry.

Small USB headphone socket,

26 channel signal optical measurement system for measuring the light distribution from filament lamps and reflectors. This system is installed at a major illumare manufacture in their quality control and calibration centre.

Force and current measurement of robotic welding guns. A unique data logger with USB connection for up-loading and down-loading data to a PC application. A hand held rechargeable instrument is precision.

Bluetooth input device.


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